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A practical approach

This whitepaper explains how you can work with HCP profiles — and thereby make your marketing more customer relevant — without overly increasing complexity. 


Companies often try to develop highly specific customer profiles to ensure the best possible match between their content and HCPs’ different needs. While this is an admirable objective, every new profile acts as a ‘content multiplier’. And it quickly becomes clear that marketing resources are insufficient to make it happen. 

However, there are workable customer profiling strategies. This whitepaper provides three options for simple categorisation — which can be applied on their own or in combination. 

Key points:

  • HCP profiling is often too complicated and expensive 
  • Every new profile multiplies the content required 
  • A data audit enables you to assess what kind of profiling is feasible 
  • HCP engagement style, motivations, and content preferences can all be used to build simple customer profiles 

Download the whitepaper