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This whitepaper explores how companies can modernise their HCP engagements to respond to new customer needs and changing preferences.

It provides a checklist of four factors — necessity, trust, preference, and accessibility — that you can apply to your content investments. For each, we’ve described the opportunities for shaping your engagement and provided practical actions that you can take.

HCP satisfaction with the customer journey significantly influences prescribing likelihood — explore the kind of content that meets their expectations.

Download our free whitepaper to learn more about: 

  • The need to carefully balance medical and brand content 
  • The growing role for content marketing in pharma 
  • Opportunities for Medical / Commercial collaboration 
  • HCP content format preferences and how to mix media to best effect 
  • The need to design engagements that account for different contexts 
  • The critical moments that build trust and company reputation 

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