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This whitepaper explores what you need in place to effectively apply omnichannel marketing techniques to product launches in the life sciences. It explains the three fundamental building blocks — strategy, data, and content — and provides short, practical advice for each. 

Throughout, the whitepaper seeks to balance the best-possible omnichannel product launch solution with the realities and constrains with which marketing teams operate. In this way, we hope to encourage companies to be ambitious for the future while achieving immediate results today. 

Download our free whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Strategies to increase content relevance at scale 
  • Changing HCP expectations for commercial messaging 
  • Increased engagement by designing for context 
  • Data infrastructure for omnichannel launches 
  • Building data-focused marketing teams 
  • Omnichannel content format requirements 
  • Role of content marketing 
  • Speeding asset production with ‘content excellence’ 

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