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Content excellence: the solution to a pressing problem

"We are building a world-class digital content supply chain, enabling Novo Nordisk not only to be efficient and compliant but also gain competitive customer engagement. The strategy is to provide transparency and insights that will guide stakeholders to limit the growth of content volume while delivering efficiencies and agility that lower the cost base and time spent on the content we actually produce"

Alejandra Betancourt

Alejandra Betancourt
Head of Content Hub Commercial Excellence at Novo Nordisk


Pharma content supply chains have become overstretched by the rapid growth of, and demand for, digital marketing. As the number of channels and requests for content increases, so do the requirements for brand supervision, MLR approvals, production costs, and localisation efforts.

These internal structures and processes are now breaking down – creating backlogs and bottlenecks – and putting increasing pressure on people who are now struggling to cope.

The problem does not lie with any one department or function. It is systemic. The system simply wasn’t designed for the digital world. Increasing content production budgets – spending more to produce more – won’t solve the problem. What is needed is a supply chain that is designed for digital content. That system is content excellence.

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