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Communication; we all do it, it is a critical part of effective business practice and in this pharma is no exception.

It is no secret that for pharma companies, face time with healthcare professionals (HCPs) has reduced drastically over the last 10 years while the cost of in person engagements has increased significantly. Like any customer their expectations for the content they receive have changed, with a focus on useful, succinct and easy to consume materials rather than the sales materials of old.

So what is it that HCPs want and through this lens, what is it that pharma should be doing?

The evidence points towards creating meaningful two-way conversations through multiple channels, connecting otherwise siloed touchpoints with and for HCPs in the process.

For the past 40 years detailing has been the backbone of pharma/HCP communication – but what about e-Detailing? Is it just detailing on an iPad or is it supposed to be something more? How does this fit and what is possible, and more importantly desirable?

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Alejandra P. Betancourt

Director of Customer Engagement

Alejandra P. Betancourt

Alejandra is Anthill’s senior point of contact for the management and development of key accounts.

She has a strong background in consulting and training initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience in marketing and strategic planning for brands at all different stages of their life cycle.


Tor Kristensen

Chief Technical Officer

Tor Kristensen

Tor has expertise in working with complex processes and standards across multiple platforms and devices.

Tor helps keep Anthill at the cutting edge of development practices, while identifying and promoting techniques and libraries across creative and development groups that improve our ability to tell clients' stories.