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Personalised on-demand engagement

Join our expert panel and learn how new self-service detailing systems harness the power of AI chat, no-code publishing, and high quality media — to deliver the on-demand services that HCPs want with the personalised engagement that they prize.  

Self-service experiences are fast becoming part of pharma’s HCP engagement ecosystem. They provide a quality experience 24/7. They put rocket boosters onto otherwise-flat web portals. And they enable the ‘content first’ strategies that lead to better-informed and higher value rep discussions.   

According to a recent Reuters report, 49% of pharma companies have already increased use of self-detailing, while 69% of pharma companies expect to increase self-detailing in the near future.  

And there’s a good reason for that. The systems are cost-effective and easy to implement. And they respond to HCPs’ desire for guided communication — but on their own terms, in their own time. 


Meet our expert panel: 


Jennifer Villagarcia

Patrick Markt

Rasmus K

Florent Edouard

SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence

Jennifer Villagarcia 

Global Medical Engagement Strategy and Content Lead, Vaccines

Patrick Markt

Vice President, Digital Excellence

Rasmus Kalms 

Chief Product Officer, Anthill

Our host: Paul Simms, Chief Executive at Impatient Health

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