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Refresh your HCP relationships

For at least twenty years, we life sciences executives have been attempting to provide ‘the right content, in the right way, at the right time’.

It sounds so simple. However, healthcare delivery is changing. The old methods are no longer adequate in a world where HCPs are working remotely and communication expectations are rising.

HCPs are more pressured than ever, and communication preferences have shifted towards bite-sized information, available in multiple formats, at the point of care.

The increased need for a modular approach makes pharma companies rethink how they work with digital assets in Veeva to deliver more valuable content to market — faster than ever before.

During the expert panel together with our colleagues and partners from Astellas, Janssen, and Abbott, we discussed how rethinking the Omnichannel Content Excellence strategy can create more efficient communication with HCPs and enable companies to thrive.

  • What are the greatest barriers of efficient Omnichannel Content Excellence implementation?
  • What measurements should we focus on most strongly to determine success?
  • How does pursuing the modular content approach enable more personalized communication?


Meet our speakers:

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Adam Higgins

Head of Digital Strategy EMEA, Janssen 



Parker Richardson

VP Omnichannel Operations, Astellas 



Tiana Homsani

Global Head of Marketing Excellence, Abbott



Tor Kristensen

Chief Technology Officer, Anthill





Paul Simms

CEO, Impatient Health

Paul BW