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Upgrade your launch ambitions with a comprehensive and impactful engagement strategy

This lively and positive webinar explores how companies are currently applying omnichannel marketing techniques to pharma product launches. Hosted by Impatient Health, experts from Anthill, Astra Zeneca, Daiichi Sankyo and Sanofi explain how tailoring better HCP engagements can positively impact the launch trajectory – with market outperformance of two or three times the average.

You will learn:

  • Omnichannel meaning: what omnichannel means in a pharma product launch context and why it matters to have a clear definition in your organisation 
  • Opportunities: how in-focus product launches provide a great opportunity for companies to switch to customer-centric marketing practices
  • Focus: why it is important to specify your company’s particular approach to omnichannel and set specific goals for where you want to make a difference
  • Collaboration: how an omnichannel product launch can encourage greater collaboration between Medical Affairs and Commercial on content creation
  • Agility: why companies can (and should) make a start and be willing to experiment — and not worry about having everything perfectly in place


Patrick Markt-Niederreiter

Vice President, Digital Excellence Daiichi-Sankyo



Karen Batoosingh 

Vice President, Medical Comms Strategy & Execution, Anthill.



Andrew Gapper 

Director, Global Commercial Learning, Specialty Care, Sanofi.



Lucy George

Head of Business Innovation, Oncology UK AstraZeneca.



Paul Simms

Chief Executive, Impatient Health.


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