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How to optimise MLR and speed content time-to-market

MLR is a bottleneck in many companies: slow, siloed, and unsynchronised. There’s little transparency in the process, it’s easy to lose track of version control, and every country wants to do things their own way. And when you start working with video…  

No wonder content approval is a perennial source of frustration. But solutions are now being found. This webinar highlights the issues that companies are facing, looks at how colleagues in MLR can be supported, discusses how review processes can be optimised, and explores the role for new technology solutions. 

Get a preview from the event’s host, Paul Simms: 


Meet our expert panel: 

Huw Van Gar Rasmus

Huw Jenkins

Director of Modular Content, Astellas

Vanitha S V

Global Lead, Modular Content & Insights, Novo Nordisk

Gareth Worthington

Global Head, Clearance Center of Excellence, UCB

Rasmus Kalms

Chief Product Officer, Anthill



Audience feedback on the event: 

“Very thought-provoking topic – I think it’s super interesting! So much potential for future innovation.” 
“This was great! Hope to have more sessions like this! Thanks to all the team that made it possible.” 
“Great webinar! Thanks to the panel and Paul.” 
“Excellent and very useful discussion.” 
“Great panel! Thanks to everyone who made it possible.” 

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