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Fuse AI and human creativity for next-level pharma content

Today’s buzzword is omnichannel. But there’s also a growing buzz around the pressing dilemma facing every one of us: how do we generate more content, faster, especially for personalised and modular communication, while ensuring that it remains high-quality, valuable and engaging to our customers? 

Overloading HCPs with AI-generated content on every channel is obviously not the answer. Yet it's clear that technology holds transformative potential for how we approach work and content creation. 

We need a combo deal. We need to combine tech with a better process design and an elevated mindset. The solution lies in blending AI with modular content and the time-honored art of deep thought, staying compliant and human nuance. 

In this webinar, we covered both the vast potential of AI in optimising omnichannel while also exploring the importance of redefining what impactful content means in the modern age. 


Meet our expert panel: 





Huw Jenkins

Director, Content Strategy

Jane Urban 

VP, Head of Data, Digital, and Technology for Global Medical and Global Commercial

Shwen Gwee

Former VP & Head of Global Digital Strategy

Rasmus Kalms 

Chief Product Officer

Our host: Paul Simms, Chief Executive at Impatient Health

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