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How to not get lost in content translation

As the amount of digital content continues to increase and companies strive to achieve greater brand consistency across countries, brand teams are challenged with rolling out global-produced digital content for local affiliates to adapt for their local requirements. This process involves lots of different participants – Global agencies, local agencies, brand managers from both sides, and without proper workflows and solutions it can be demanding and difficult to manage.

Accurate localisation is what needs to be done first, when thinking globally for pharma companies. In our upcoming webinar we will discuss:

  • What are the main challenges of marketing and sales material localisation?
  • How to empower local offices to use Global content, improve digital content adaptation and speed up time to market.
  • How to follow your content from Global concept to Local execution and never lose track of what was used where.


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Stefan Liden

Solution Architect

Stefan Liden

Stefan has more than 10 years’ experience in Healthcare and Pharma with deep Veeva expertise and solid technical background.

He has developed a set of innovative solutions to help companies provide superior customer experience and get valuable insights from the field.


Alejandra P. Betancourt

VP of Customer Engagement


Alejandra is Anthill’s senior point of contact for the management and development of key accounts. 

She has a strong background in consulting and training initiatives in the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience in marketing and strategic planning for brands at all different stages of their life cycle.