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Forward-thinking pharma companies are now implementing a ‘content excellence’ approach to unlock the potential of omnichannel. New procedures and practices are enabling greater content volume —and more personalized engagement — without exponential cost increases. But how are they doing it? And what are the essential elements of a content excellence approach in pharma? 

During our last webinar with Impatient Health, and speakers from Astellas, Janssen, and Abbott, we discussed the challenges of marketing in a post-covid world — and how a content excellence approach enables omnichannel and more personalized HCP engagement through improved content efficiency. 

In our webinar we explain how to achieve this in practical terms. Peers from Novo Nordisk will present real cases and success stories (along with some of their challenges!) of implementing content excellence in their organisations. 

You will learn: 

  • How to work smarter with Promomats to decrease MLR workload and enable more agility 
  • Best practices for content performance measurement to prioritize investments 
  • The right tools and support to succeed with timely and engaging content creation 


Alejandra Betancourt

Global Director Marketing Operations, NovoNordisk



Tor Kristensen

Chief Technology Officer, Anthill

TorKristensen round


Paul Simms

Chief Executive Officer, Impatient Health



Blake Brigman

Advanced Engagement Analytics Lead Commercial Excellence & Operations





Vanitha S V

Global Lead - Modular Content, Multichannel Excellence & Operations Commercial Excellence



Sasi Pradeep Raja

Associate Manager, Global Commercial Solutions (GCS)


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