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Hybrid Heroes: how successful omnichannel pioneers are making it work

We all know that digital transformations should be more than just going from offline to online. Over the last 3 years, entirely new business models have been created and tested. But saying this is much easier than doing it. However, some of us have managed to make it work. 
If you're curious about how commercial and marketing pharma leaders have pivoted their way to the efficient Omnichannel, and how they overcame both internal and external challenges, watch our webinar with top pharma experts from Lundbeck, MSD, and AstraZeneca. 

Here is a short overview of the main discussion points: 

  • What is the meaning of Omnichannel in different pharma companies and different divisions (Brand, Marketing, Medical Affairs). 
  • What are the main challenges when it comes to the implementation and why the 'human factor' like readiness for the change and collaboration between departments is super important.  
  • How to measure the efficiency of your Omnichannel marketing campaigns and make sure that customers' needs are met.  


Meet our expert panel: 





Andrew Jackson

Country Manager, UK

Erasmus Holm 

Director, General Medicine & Commercial Operations

Andrew Binns

Head of Digital and Innovation

Karen Batoosingh 

VP, Medical Communications Strategy & Execution

Our host: Paul Simms, Chief Executive at Impatient Health

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