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How understanding behaviour, harnessing AI and pursuing modular designs can create powerful engagement

Almost everyone in pharma is searching for that sweet spot of personalised and modular content. But here's the twist: it's not just what we're saying, but how and why we're saying it. That’s where personalisation really takes off. The answer, you'll find, lies in our ability to use behavioural science.

This session will show you how we can explore, with AI, human behaviour dynamics as we usher in a new era of modular content. Together, we'll dissect the science, untangle the complexities and make the abstract real.

Many of us will find that the latest technology can help us leapfrog much of the heavy lifting as we try to become best-in-class at HCP engagement, and inspire a new generation of DOLs. Meanwhile MLR, often seen as a formidable roadblock to our modular journey, will actually be a key enabler.

We'll look into how a different set up makes real-time approval of modular content a possibility — without upsetting signatories. Join this webinar to step into a world of behaviour-informed content personalization. It's time for a fresh perspective.

Meet our expert panel: 





Karen Batoosingh

VP, Medical Communications Strategy & Execution

Gareth Worthington 

Global Head, Clearance Center of Excellence

Andrew Binns

Head of Digital and Innovation

Rasmus Kalms 

Chief Product Officer

Our host: Noreen Sajwani, Chief Executive at Impatient Health 

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