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Self-service detailing explained: meaning, strategy & best practices

This new channel enables HCPs to get a quality detailing experience at any time — content available on demand and yet personalized to each individual’s needs. In Anthill’s work with clients, we’ve experienced very high engagement with these solutions – longer even than in face-to-face meetings.

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This guide provides an in-depth explanation of self-detailing — describing precisely what is, how it works, and giving you the best practices for implementation. For example, you will learn how to ensure smooth MLR approval and discover the special role that self-detailing plays in today’s pharma omnichannel strategies. 

  • What is self-detailing?
  • How automated detailing works
  • Why self-detailing is needed
  • Impact on content ROI
  • Use in market segmentation
  • Role in new HCP engagement preferences
  • Ensuring MLR approval
  • Connecting HCPs to the service
  • Benefits of self-led detailing
  • Case study
  • Major use cases
  • Role in omnichannel marketing
  • Best practices
  • Implementation

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