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Introduction to digital marketing: strategy, technology and best practices

This guide is for those new to pharma digital marketing. It answers the basic questions — What is digital marketing in a pharma context? What benefits does it bring? Which digital channels are appropriate for the life sciences? — and it also explains how to get started in the right way.  

Over the last decades, digital marketing has moved from a novelty to the primary way to engage healthcare professionals. Therefore companies new to pharma digital marketing now benefit from a great deal of experience and can draw upon proven strategies and tactics. There has never been a better time to act. 

  • Digital marketing in a pharma context 
  • Digital marketing channels 
  • Pharma digital marketing platforms 
  • Digital sales empowerment 
  • Benefits of digital marketing in pharma 
  • Development in the life sciences 
  • Proven systems and techniques 
  • Pharma marketing use cases 
  • Data-driven marketing 
  • How to get started 

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