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Bridging the gap between strategy and implementation

Many life sciences companies are experiencing the same problem: global brand strategies are often excellent but don’t have the expected impact.

What’s happening? The problem generally isn’t the plans themselves. These will provide excellent customer insights and contain useful strategic frameworks to better apply digital technology and improve the customer experience.

Yet they are not implemented. What normally happens is that standard channels are implemented locally that make minimal reference to the global brand strategy.

In effect, you get a website or an e-detailer that could have been created even if the global brand strategy didn’t exist.

Recently at Anthill, we’ve been working with pharma companies to change this – and realise the full potential of global strategies.

How to apply brand strategy to each customer interaction

Download the eBook and discover how to:

  • Enable operational teams to design customer-centric communications
  • Improve tactic-building and channel selection
  • Build digital competences throughout the organisation
  • Provide flexible communication materials
  • Enable people to act


[eBook] Making The Connection

Download the eBook - Making The Connection