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Dynamically engage with HCPs beyond face-to-face – 24/7

In this eBook, you can learn how self-detailing and service bot technology (regulatory compliant ‘chatbots’) works and how you can apply them quickly and easily to your existing communications.

The eBook will give you 6 ways to get the most from these technologies and explain how you can solve real marketing issues in pharma by:

  • Being more responsive to HCPs in real-time while being fully regulatory compliant
  • Providing services 24/7 in a way that fits pharma budgets
  • Increasing reach without requiring more channels (that then must be promoted)
  • Fit with how HCPs actually engage with information and media
  • Stopping channel proliferation (no more standalone apps and websites)
  • Enabling A/B testing of HCP engagement


eBook - Mind the gap

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