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How to use approved email to extend and deepen engagements with HCPs

Despite the ever-increasing number of digital channels available to pharma marketers, approved email or rep-triggered email remains central to many companies’ healthcare professional (HCP) engagement strategies. Great email communication in pharma is now often seen as essential, both to drive campaigns and nurture one-to-one relationships through highly personalized communication.


What is approved email? How is it different from other kinds of email sent to healthcare professionals? What are the benefits? This guide answers the basic questions and explaining how to do it well. Get our free guide to approved email in an easy-to-read PDF format to review later. In this guide you can learn about: 

· Benefits of approved email
· Approved email strategy
· Common use cases
· Project planning
· Configuration options
· Technology platforms
· Copywriting tips
· Design essentials
· Quality assurance factors
· And more!

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